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Amdocs Interview

Interview with Matt Roberts, Marketing Director, Big Data and Strategic Innovations, Amdocs

Wi-Fi Global Congress London 2013 Highlights Show Reel

Show highlights from the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress London 2013, which took place in London, June 10-13, 2013; featuring contributions from Shrikant Shenwai (CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance), Matt Macpherson (Director of Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems), Joe Madden (Principal Analyst, Mobile Experts), Stuart Carlaw (Chief Research Officer, ABI Research), Mike Short (VP, Telefonica UK), Phil Tilley (VP Regional Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent), Ramón Peláez (Head of International Operations, Gowex), Rob Mustarde (VP Marketing, Ruckus Wireless), Chris Nicoll (Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason) and Pertti Visuri (CEO, Bandwidth X).

The next event in the series is the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress Beijing 2013, taking place November 18-21, Beijing, China.

Please feel free to view the interviews below conducted with some of our speakers from the in preparation for WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress 2013 in London, and at past WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress' in Seoul, June 2012 and San Francisco, November 2012.

Interview>> Latest interview with Matthew MacPherson, Cisco’s Director of Technical Marketing Engineering on the common goals of enhanced user experience and need for access to mobile data services, and how a new era of merged licenced and unlicensed spectrum led by emerging standards such as Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) will accelerate Wi-Fi’s adoption into radio access networks.

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>> Shrikant Shenwai, CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance shares his thoughts on how seamless, secure transfer between licenced and unlicensed spectrum is set to revolutionise Wi-Fi within radio access networks.
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>> Rob Mustarde, VP of Marketing at Ruckus Wireless discusses the changing use of Wi-Fi in mobile networks from the perspective of an OEM. Rob also provides insight into the definition of carrier Wi-Fi and discusses the latest advances within spectrum convergence technologies.
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Graham Cove, Speaker at Wi-Fi Global Congress

>> Graham Cove, Director of Wi-Fi, EE, speaker at the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress 2013, London, discusses how Wi-Fi is being utilised in the next generation of mobile networks.

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Chris Bruce, Director at BT Advise

>> Chris Bruce, Director, BT Advise, speaker at the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress 2013 - London, UK discusses the commercialisation of public Wi-Fi, mobile data offload, the future of Wi-Fi in radio access networks. In addition Chris also discusses how evolutions in seamless transfer and handover will revolutionise the industry.
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J.R. Wilson, Wireless Broadband Alliance Chairman and AT&T Vice President International, Alliances & Integration answers the following:

Why did you want to chair the Wireless Broadband Alliance?
What barriers should be broken down to make the WBA more successful?
Tell us why a company should join the WBA
What is your vision for the evolution of Wi-Fi?
What is your view of the ongoing viability of Wi-Fi?

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Cedric Gonin

>> Interview with Cedric Gonin, Head of Wi-Fi, Orange and speaker at the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress - Seoul, June 2012
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Matthew MacPherson

>> Interview with Matthew MacPherson, Director of Technical Marketing Engineering, Cisco

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>> Interview with Bjorn Thorngren, Boingo

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